About Rogue Soul 3

Rogue Soul 3 is back with new levels and new story. As you remember, it is a game about a roman warrior who travels through different lands and helps poor and weak people. Now your mission is to fight against the evil foces who enslaved a lot of old people. They are hiding somewhere in the woods and your mission is to find them, kill them all and rescue all citizen. You can upgrade your skills during the game, you can even get new weapons and skills.

When you are playing the game, you notice golden coins on the ground. Try to get them all in order to unlock the new skins and new weapons. If you have enough gold, you can unlock the weapons. You should also try to complete all secondary missions in the level to get all 3 stars. Using those stars you can also buy useful stuff in the game shop. I Hope you will spaned awesome time playing Rogue Soul 3 at our website.


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